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Material Production

Custom Material Formulation


Buckeye Composites’ buckypaper processing can include any supplier’s single, double and/or multi-walled carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofiber and/or nanoscale graphene platelets. In addition, other nanomaterials and/or resin binders can be incorporated into buckypaper during the production process. By optimizing the buckypaper formulation, properties of interest such as conductivity and handleability can be tailored. Thickness and areal weight can also be customized to meet end-user requirements.


Buckeye Composites specializes in working directly with customers to develop buckypaper formulations to meet the needs of specific applications. Buckeye Composites also works with carbon nanotube and other nanomaterial suppliers to develop buckypaper comprised of their material to offer an intermediary material form in which to market their material. Buckeye Composites’ capability to vary raw material constituents and optimize buckypaper processing parameters offers versatility that can be critical to meeting performance and cost requirements.


Batch Production


Batch sheet production is often preferred for experimental studies and custom formulation development trials. Buckeye Composites offers batch buckypaper sheets in 5” x 5”, 6” x 20”, 11” x 11” and 13” x 13” sizes. Thickness, areal weight and raw material constituents are tailorable.


Continuous Production
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12" Continuous Production Customer Defined Areal Weight and Raw Material Formulations Prepregged or "Dry" Formulations Available


Buckeye Composites offers the only 12” wide continuous buckypaper product available. Buckypaper can be provided in dry roll form or can be prepregged with resin. 12” x 50’ and 12” x 100’ are the standard roll sizes currently available. Thickness, areal weight and raw material constituents are tailorable.


Prepregged buckypaper in roll form is handled similar to conventional aerospace prepreg materials. The resin encapsulates the carbon nanotubes, minimizing the potential for effluent particles during handling. Prepregged buckypaper can be treated as just another ply during the composite layup process. Continuous production minimizes the need to overlap sheets during layup and facilitates cost effectiveness for application insertion.


Contact Us for further information on buckypaper products. Confidentiality agreements can be executed if necessary to effectively discuss project requirements.